First Post

All great (or not so great) stories start with an introduction.

So here’s my introduction.

I’m both young and old (meaning in my twenties), and I love science and fantasy. By day, I’m a neuroscientist. By night, a fantasy writer. No really. I write fantasy, and science fiction, of course.

My dream is to win the Nobel Prize for something cool I did in neuroscience. And to become a best-selling, billion-book selling author.

(It’s ok to dream, I’ve found. Just don’t confuse it with reality.)

I’ll probably post weekly. 🙂 And I don’t think I will be limiting myself to only science and fantasy or writing. I’ll traverse literature, philosophy (or my watered-down versions of it, at any rate), and anything random that I think would be of interest to readers.

So if you like spontaneous and random, follow this blog.

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