Are we really only after squirts of dopamine

So what is it that we’re all after? Happiness, I’m willing to bet that’s what most, if not all, people will say. There may be other variants to the answer, maybe, say self-actualization, peace, love, etc. but in the end, they’re all related to what? To happiness.

So what is happiness? Neurochemically, isn’t it squirts of dopamine, a certain level of serotonin, some norepinephrine?

Are we really only seeking a certain neurochemical balance then?

Even if people say something like their ultimate goal is to get into (insert afterlife term here, e.g heaven), isn’t that a variant of happiness?

So we’re all running after dopamine?… That seems so…mundane…and a bit lame, if you ask me. Are we so simple?


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