Planning and the Comfort of Control

So, I’m a planner. I love making schedules, planning out the next year of studies, finances, etc. I love doing that. So much. In fact, I look forward to creating spreadsheets on Excel and planning ahead.

And so I’ve been thinking: why is that? What’s it about planning that I like so much?


I think it gives me the feeling of being in control. If I know what’s ahead (supposedly, considering my schedules are always changing. I don’t know how many times I’ve modified my budget spreadsheet this past year), it makes me feel more secure. I think it’s all about feeling in control, having power over your life, and even if you have to change schedules/plans, it still gives a sense of being in control. I wonder if that’s a good thing, overall, this sense of being in control. Because, ultimately, you’re kinda not. So is having this illusion of being in control a good thing?

Or maybe it’s nothing, or little, to do with control and everything to do with how my brain is wired, and that’s all there is to it.



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