There are always tests and exams to be had in psychology. One interesting one that I have always found myself interested in is the Myers-Brigg Test.
Randomly, or relatively so, I found a blog that posts Myers-Brigg profiles of celebrities and such. But an interesting page of theirs, this one, has a Myers-Brigg personality test (You know you want to take this MBTI test; I always do). The site features, of course, and rightly so, the characteristics of the Myers-Brigg profiles.

I have tested INFJ in the past, and I was curious if this site’s test would give me the same results. Oddly, I tested INFP. In going through the test, though, I wondered if I would come out with different results than I previously had, simply because I have found myself changing in social domains. Namely, I’m a bit chattier than I used to be and enjoy being around people a bit more than I have in the past. So it was interesting seeing how the test reflected some internal changes of mine.

There was a link that said not sure, try the INFJ or INFP test. So of course I click on it, because hey, I have always tested as INFJ in the past.

Lo and behold, I tested as INFJ. It’s interesting to see how you can fit different profiles, but still really be part of one specific profile.

And so of course, I head over to the INFJ page, because, really, who doesn’t like reading about themselves? It fits into our egos. It’s why we love talking about ourselves.

So I’m INFJ: Introverted Intuition with Feeling. Apparently, I’m a Plato. I won’t complain about that! And simply because I love myself like anyone else and am fascinated by personality psychology, here’s a link to the INFJ profile.

Carl Jung even said that: “”[Plato] is one of those who have come closest to the truth.”
And as a writer, my goal is to come to some sort of truth, and if Plato did and we share that whole INFJ thing, then heck yes.

And of course, the other personalities are always interesting to read about. The other profiles, (I/E, S/N, T/F, J/P), also indicate the personality characteristics, mental abilities, and strengths/weaknesses.

As a scientist, I like to know how systems are broken down, how certain pieces of data are analyzed to come to a conclusion. The site does a wonderful job of explaining the personality breakdown of the MBTI test.

The system takes an individual to determine if they are more introverted or more extroverted. Does a person operate uses sensation or intuition? Are they more thinking, or are they more feeling? And finally, do they judge or do they perceive?

An introverted person is more reserved in social situations. They are intensive and deep in their interests. Their attention is directed primarily towards their own processing of previously assimilated information. An extroverted person is more relaxed in social situations that introverts are. They are expansive in their interests. They project their mental thoughts onto the outside world.

A sensation person goes by experience, hard facts, real life. They are realists and use common sense more by simplifying things. Intuitive persons run on concepts and mental representations. They are fantasists, and go more by what could be. They live in their own mind and they are more likely to overcomplicate things.

A thinking person values logic over emotion. They are interested in systems, things, rules. Feeling persons value emotion/sentiment over logic. They are more interested in people and are more idealistic.

Judging people like closure, they like definite endings. They are more structured, organized, and they work towards their goals in a linear fashion. Perceiving people tend to like keeping their options open, and like to “test the waters.” They are more flexible, and see goals as guidelines, all the while keeping an eye open on other possibilities.

These are great ways to begin understanding yourself, and those around you!

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