2015: Manic Monday, Technique Thursday, Findings Friday and Séance Sunday

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we make resolutions and promptly fail at them.

But it’ll be different this year, you tell yourself. I’ll actually keep my resolutions. Yes, yes, of course you will.

Since I, like most everyone else, have a positive bias towards myself, I have made the resolution to maintain this blog appropriately. It’s hard though. I’m teaching myself programming, getting my associate’s (then my bachelor’s) degree in computer science, while also trying to figure out how I’m going to go back to grad school, and feed myself while in school. I’m also working full-time, and I’m starting a neuroscience educational online business with a few other people. Oh, and I’m working on a neuroscience children’s book and on a fantasy novel. I want both of them published by the end of the year, or at least in the process of being published.

Regardless, I want to maintain this blog. But I want to make changes. I am going to make it more cognitive and behavioral neuroscience based, since that’s what I plan on going to grad school for. I have a  list of grad schools and their cog neuro programs. So hopefully this October I will begin applying. And hopefully by March 2016, I will know what schools I have been accepted into, if any. and then by August 2016, I will hopefully be starting my graduate school journey! I’ll be 26, though, so old. Le sigh.

At any rate, the goals for this blog will be to choose a new paper every week related to cog/behavioral and some computational neuroscience. I plan on summarizing the paper in layman’s terms for readers.

I also plan on choosing some new technique in neuroscience research. Technique Thursday.

I will also have some sort of historical neuro paper discussed, something that marked a turning point in neuro history, or was some sort of research landmark.

I also want to review a new neuro or psych related book every month. That means I’ll be reading A LOT. But that just means I’ll be learning A LOT. Yay learning!

I also want to discuss crazy neuro experiments, including any sort of ethics as to why the experiment should not and could not be done today. Manic Monday.

So there you have it. A breakdown of the new year of 2015. I will begin on Monday January 5, 2015!


Manic Monday: Crazy experiments in neuro and the modern-day ethics behind them

Technique Thursday: A cool neuro research technique; what it is, what it’s used for, a landmark study done with that technique

Findings Friday: A new study or discovery in cog/behavioral/computational neuro

Séance Sunday; Historical papers (séance because we’re talking to the dead scientists who did the experiment; well, I assume not all will be dead, but still, some of them at least)

And every month, a new book review. Or hopefully every month. Maybe every two months, depending on how involved the book is.

And I plan on having guests. Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

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