1.5 year Undergraduate Neuroscience Education

  1. Principles of neuroscience
  2. Neurobiology
  3. Neurobiology of behavior
  4. Animal behavior
  5. Structure and functional organization of the human nervous system
  6. Bioethics in neuroscience
  7. Brain development and plasticity
  8. Cell and molecular neuroscience
  9. Synaptic organization of the nervous system
  10. Molecular transport
  11. Neurobiology of learning and memory
  12. Hippocampus
  13. Circadian neurobiology
  14. Perception and decision
  15. Neuroeconomics
  16. Motor control
  17. Pain
  18. Research stats
  19. Experimental methods in neuroscience
  20. Biochemistry
  21. Molecular genetics
  22. Evolutionary biology
  23. Systems neuroscience
  24. Fundamentals of computational neuroscience
  25. Intro to computing
  26. Cognitive neuroscience
  27. Neuroscience of visual perception
  28. Smell and taste
  29. Auditory system
  30. Drugs and the brain
  31. Biological bases of addiction
  32. Autonomic physiology
  33. Brain injury and recovery
  34. Neurodegenerative disorders
  35. Neurobiology of neuropsychiatric disorders
  36. Neurobiology of emotion
  37. Behavioral pharmacology
  38. Genes, circuits, and behavior
  39. Functional brain imaging




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