Oxytocin: The Most Toxic Compound to the Female Brain

Temple of Mut

Dear Readers:  I have a good friend whose daughter has reached an age when thoughts of young men with round, strong arms fill the head.  So, based on his concerns, I wanted to update one of my favorite posts involving biochemistry.

Additionally, my good friend Captain Capitalism recently noted: Too Close to the Truth?

Feminism has been around far longer than game. I’ll tell you what, game works best on feminists, girls so assured of themselves and filled with fake confidence based on their education and careers that they never see it coming. Most feminists honestly believe that game doesn’t exist or would never work on someone like them.

Captain Capitalism and I don’t disagree much — and here we are in complete agreement. He takes a sociological approach to the matter. I, on the other, am going the pure science route. Here is the compound responsible for the above-stated…

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Is Telegony the reason why everyone hates a slut?

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Study here.

Probably. Genetic aftereffects. Need more research!

Telegony is the belief that the sire first mated to a female will have an influence upon some of that female’s later offspring by another male. Although the reality of telegony was acknowledged by such authorities as Darwin, Spencer, Romanes and many experienced breeders, it has been met with scepticism because of Weismann’s unfavourable comments and negative results obtained in several test experiments. In this article, alleged cases of telegony are provided. A search of the literature of cell biology and biochemistry reveals several plausible mechanisms that may form the basis for telegony. These involve the penetration of spermatozoa into the somatic tissues of the female genital tract, the incorporation of the DNA released by spermatozoa into maternal somatic cells, the presence of foetal DNA in maternal blood, as well as sperm RNA-mediated non-Mendelian inheritance of epigenetic changes.”

The inverse…

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The Human Conceit

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

It’s like a social justice stereotype before they started labelling themselves ecowarriors.
If there’s any justice in the world, these social butterflies will die from chronic conditions caused by backbreaking factory work where their inane repetition is a valuable asset.

Article on the future of humanity.

Titular term is personal label, derived from philosophy but used by others too, see here: and it’s also known by other terms including anthropocentrism aka why monkeys are better than dogs.

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In 1984, 37% of all computer science graduates were women. Now, that number is 12%. We need more women in STEM-related fields.

Bricoleur Ventures

CERES Satellite | New Scientist | http://www.newscientist.com At BRICKS 4 KIDZ®, we are passionate about kids and education, but particularly STEM-related education. If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  It is important because so many of the world’s industries and careers rely increasingly on STEM-related roles. For kids to be best prepared for the jobs market they will encounter, they need to embrace technology and leverage its capabilities. It is our mission to work with students and the school systems here to get as many kids engaged in these topics as we usefully can.

So this article today in US News caught our eye: “Getting Girls to Study STEM: It’s About More Than Just Making Science ‘Cool’”.  It is an interview with Maria Klawe, the President of Harvey Mudd College in California, and discusses how she quadrupled the number of female computer science majors at her school.  The stat in…

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Anger as a form of manipulation

Ever been with an angry person?

Yea. It’s not pleasant.

Anger, on one level, I think, is a form of manipulation. When someone’s angry at you, for example, they might show their anger using yelling, harsh gestures, hurtful words, all as a way to not only convery their anger, but also as a way to manipulate you into reacting a certain way. They may want you to fear them or might recognize that when they yell you back off to “keep the peace”, and so they learn to use anger as a form of emotional and behavioral manipulation.

I remember being very angry one day and I used the power of my anger to feel superior to someone. I yelled at them and told them exactly how I feel, but in a less-than-empathetic manner. And at the heart of my reaction was just a feeling that I wanted to control this person into reacting a certain way and “showing them who’s boss.” Well, guess what, I didnt show them anything except that I was being immature and unempathetic. Needless to say, the person and I didn’t speak for a week or two afterwards. Thankfully, the nature of out relationship was such that we were able to get past such juvenile behavior, make back up and forgive, and move on with our friendship.

Have you ever been in a situation where you either used anger to gain control or someone did that to you? What was the outcome?

First Post

All great (or not so great) stories start with an introduction.

So here’s my introduction.

I’m both young and old (meaning in my twenties), and I love science and fantasy. By day, I’m a neuroscientist. By night, a fantasy writer. No really. I write fantasy, and science fiction, of course.

My dream is to win the Nobel Prize for something cool I did in neuroscience. And to become a best-selling, billion-book selling author.

(It’s ok to dream, I’ve found. Just don’t confuse it with reality.)

I’ll probably post weekly. 🙂 And I don’t think I will be limiting myself to only science and fantasy or writing. I’ll traverse literature, philosophy (or my watered-down versions of it, at any rate), and anything random that I think would be of interest to readers.

So if you like spontaneous and random, follow this blog.