Technical Writer resume

Rania Hanna

  • 610-597-7920


Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA2008-2012

  • B.S. in Neuroscience, Cellular Neurobiology Track
  • Graduated Cum Laude, with Research Honors
  • GPA: 3.4/4.0

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

  • 2014-2015
  • Technical Writing Certification

University of the People

  • Current
  • B.S. in Computer Science


Research Analyst and Science Writer


Physician Insurers Association of America

  • Write medical-related reports for research journal publication.
  • Understand and use medical terminology as required.
  • Technical writing and editing of database reference manual, including software user documentation.
  • Perform SQL searches, literature searches on medical issues and write up journal articles, newsletters, and web content for publication. I analyze medical data for trends in medical liability, and write up reports for publication.
  • Send out monthly medically-oriented Research Notes to member companies regarding research in the Medical Professional Liability (MPL) field.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign.

Technical Writing Internship


TDM Business Toole Suite

  • Write user guides and workshops.
  • Edit technical content by other members of the technical writing team.
  • Develop course/workshop materials.
  • Develop best practice in documentation skills.
  • Experience with Madcap Flare.

Freelance Writing and Editing                                                       


Science Writer

  • Work with clients, researching scientific literature and writing research papers on neurobiological and neuropsychological topics, biological research theses, research comparatives, and general articles.
  • Write, submit and publish to online research journals.

Children’s Neuroscience Book

  • Wrote a neuroscience book for children, which is in the process of being illustrated and published; a publisher may be interested in the work.
  • Developed very strong skills in distilling scientific information that a given audience can understand.

Science Blogger

  • Maintain a neuroscience/psychology blog, where I post original articles for the general public, as well as for those with a scientific background.
  • Aim with my blog is to promote science literacy in ways that are succinct and enjoyable to read, while still being highly informative.
  • Blog link:

Impulse, Undergraduate Neuroscience Journal Peer-Reviewer

  • Learned about the peer review process, including editing, scientific analysis, timeliness, and also how to receive criticism of my own work.
  • Enhanced my editing and journalism skills, as well as my overall communication and collaboration abilities.

Research and Teaching

The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 2013-2014

  • Gained collaborative skills, working in a setting where communication and facilitation between other lab members was a key point.
  • Increased skills in data collection and analysis, as well as in analytical thinking.
  • Cultivated organization skills.
  • Learned to better multi-task, while still maintaining a very strong attention to detail.
  • Developed better ways to be organized with information, and strengthened my ability to analyze data and conduct research.
  • Learned how to consolidate technical information from various sources into research papers for a scientific audience, as well as for a general audience.
  • Developed my quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis abilities.

Lehigh Valley High School Neuroscience Instructor, 2012-2013

  • Created and implemented a neuroscience course from scratch, developing communication and leadership skills.
  • Learned how to organize information and communicate effectively to others who may not have the range of science understanding that I have.
  • Practiced communicating to my superiors and distilling information to them regarding science, both in written and oral form.

Lehigh University Research Assistant, 2012-2013

  • Learned how to coordinate meetings, keep study files organized and easily accessible, as well as consolidate written material into succinct papers.
  • Gained better independent-working skills, while still learning to collaborate effectively with several other researchers, and dozens of research participants.
  • Learned how to organize data, as well as analyze for trends and correlations.
  • Developed Microsoft Office skills.
  • Enhanced my capabilities in performing background analysis and synthesis of scientific literature in order to design research studies. I then executed several research studies independently, and also collaboratively.
  • Wrote summaries of research articles, including methodology and results, and presented the information to my superiors in written and oral form. I also used this work as platforms for designing and implementing my own studies.

Moravian College Research Assistant, 2009-2012

  • Developed my self-discipline, as well as learned how to better manage my time.
  • Strengthened my analysis skills, editing and proofreading capabilities, and quantitative/qualitative data collection skills.
  • Organized several years’ worth of data into spreadsheets.
    • This called for immense reasoning and organizational skills, as well as strong analytical skills.
  • Developed my oral presentation skills, eventually getting the chance to present my research to Dr. Peter Agre, Nobel Prize Laureate.
  • Created weekly progress reports and presented them to superiors.





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