Are babies career-killers for women? for men?

I'm female. I'm a student. I'm in science. I want a professional career. I think I also want a baby or two in a decade, when I'm in my mid-thirties.But, the question then looms: will I be professionally derailed by motherhood, like everyone says? I'm thinking right now, the answer is yes, but not because … Continue reading Are babies career-killers for women? for men?

Neuroscientist to Software Engineer

I found this blog, and thought it was very enlightening. And I have to agree with the list in many respects.I myself have trained/am training as a neuroscientist, but I have found myself recently gravitating towards the idea of picking up software engineering. I think it would enhance my research (the whole cognitive/behavioral applied to … Continue reading Neuroscientist to Software Engineer