Ancient Egypt and Neuroscience

When you think of Ancient Egypt, you probably conjure up images of hieroglyphics, the Sphinx, pyramids. Maybe you’ll imagine an embalmer burning the midnight oil, hunched over a corpse, candles flickering all around, casting shadows.And if you think of the brain in relation to the Egyptians, you’ll most likely imagine a hook going up a … Continue reading Ancient Egypt and Neuroscience

Mosso and Bertino: Brain Injury to Imaging Inventions

The earliest ways of peering into the brains of people was invasive, and sometimes, fatal. Consequently, most subjects were those who were mentally disabled, those who had mental illnesses. Therefore, we now know more about dysfunction than we do function. However, this isn’t a bad thing, considering that it’s through dysfunction that we can better … Continue reading Mosso and Bertino: Brain Injury to Imaging Inventions